FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® FAQS:


In 2007 we decided to bring realism to families.

After 3 years of hard work, the perfect AI child was made.

We present: FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies!

FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies are so unique that we're Patent Pending!

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FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies grow from a newborn and up.

There is no maximum age.

Your child can keep growing and learning just like real life.

You may also choose to stop your child's age at any time.


FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies also learn based on their own genetics.

One child may learn to crawl at 5 months, another child may not learn until 7 months.

This has NEVER been seen before!

FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® baby is professionally scripted and offers:

* Transferable so others can share in the care of your child.

* Children of any age can wear skirts, wear and change hairstyles and more.

* Change your child's name, nickname, add and remove family and friends

(able to interact).

* Furniture can be shared with others caring for your chid; no need to buy extra sets.

Security feature prevents others from using without your consent.

* Your child starts as a newborn baby and grows every day, on his/her own, into a

toddler and then a child, to adult.

* Stop age at anytime.

* Add age, as much as desired, instantly.

* No maximum age!

* Change your child's looks as desired; clothing, hair, earrings, sunglasses and more!

* Loss protection. Recover a lost child quickly with our in-store "Child Retrieval" terminal.