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FUNSIES Children are made with Love. We believe every one who wants to experience parenthood, should. Each FUNSIES Child is unique in personality and intellect. Each child comes to life with your loving care.


Experience parenthood in a wonderful, virtual 3D world. Your child grows from the womb to adult. Each milestone brings the excitement of a new goal reached.


FUNSIES will release information about an awesome new FUNSIES doll for your real life joy. Jump in during the beta stage and your donation will get you an awesome keepsake! Watch for more news.




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    It was Spring of 2006, a dear friend suggested FUNSIES take our real life skills and company to a new game. At least one which at the time was hardly known: Second Life. After a lot of research and consideration, we created our avatars and began building our 3D game world. In this world we bent all rules of possibility and scripting. It was a world created by our imaginations and Love.

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    FUNSIES began back when items were made of simple shapes, known as prims. A baby would consist of a few spheres and some cones with basic textures. If the baby cooed, wow! And if it wiggled slightly? Amazing! As SL progressed in it’s abilities, so did we. One day, Laguna was animating a toy. After Rebekah saw what was possible, she asked him to animate a baby. The first peek-a-boo baby in SL was born. FUNSIES began bending scripting as never before seen in any 3D game.

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    Tummy Talkers, which are items with the ability to say how the mother and child are doing, as well as remind the mother of needed care, were very basic in function. FUNSIES created the first tummy with a growing child inside. We added the ability to watch your child grow as your pregnancy progressed. Our new hud, the Eden RolePlay System, will expand on that and exceeed anything in SL; again.

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    FUNSIES is always thinking of ways to create a more realistic experience. We want your experience to last a lifetime. Each child that is born is so unique and so real - we love them all. We're excited about future plans and look forward to bringing even more reality to your life.

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I really love my FUNSIES. Thank you for creating them. My son really brings me lots of joy.


I can't have children in real life and this experience is amazing! I feel like a parent now. Like a piece of the missing puzzle is finally in place. Thank you!